Hack the News

N00B Challenge 2.2 [20pts]

Mozilla Clubs

Use the X-Ray Goggles bookmark to hack Chicago’s DNA Info news website: http://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/ and make the news ALL ABOUT YOU!

STEP 1: Remix a News Article

Pick one news story on their website and change the following items:

  1. Change the title;
  2. Change at least one photo/image and it's caption;
  3. Change the text for at least one paragraph of the story;

STEP 2: Change an Image

If you click on an image, you might find something similar to:

<img src="http://thisisawebsite.com/thisisanimage.jpg">

The "image source" is the web address, or Universal Resource Locator (URL), for an image. It's the location of that image in the web. You just need to replace the URL to change the image!

PRO Tip: You can use Google to search for images. Once you have found an image you want to use, click on "View Image" to get the image URL.

STEP 3: An Exemplar

Here is an example from Mrs. Rouleau.

STEP 4: Turn it in!

Once you've updated your new article, click the "publish" button, and copy the link to your newly remixed page. Turn in your assignment on Google Classroom by sharing the link to your remixed page there.