Design a Custom Controller

PR0 Challenge 3.3 [80pts]

In this challenge you will construct a custom MaKey MaKey controller using cardboard, foil, tape, and glue in order to control a Scratch animation or game.

You can choose to use examples like the Scratch Piano, Bob’s Arcade, or any other Scratch animation you can find!

STEP 1: Pick Your Game

You can pick any game or animation in the Scratch Library that you want. Search for options or just use Bob's Arcade below.

STEP 2: Design a Controller

Were you inspired by the MaKey MaKey video? Think about the coolest controllers you saw: the playdoh gamepad, the cat water bowl photo booth, the keyboard stairs, etc.

What kind of controller would you design?

Follow the same brainstorm, sketch, and prototype process that we used to design our Would You Rather quizzes in Challenge 2.3 Make sure to be creative and visualize your ideas before you start. How can your controller match the game in an interesting way?

STEP 3: Build your Controller

Use the materials provided to start building your controller prototype. You might have to adjust the idea you came up with to make it possible with the supplies you have.

STEP 4: Document & Share

Record your work in the Thimble worksheet that you used in Challenge 3.2. Take some pictures of your completed controller and if you used a different Scratch game or animation, make sure to embed that into your Thimble make. If you need to start from scratch, launch a new one!

   Launch Thimble worksheet