Build a Simple Game App

PR0 Challenge 6.2 [160pts]

MIT App Inventor

Now that you’ve mastered the basics of MIT App Inventor by building a Magic 8-ball app, let’s try your hands at something a little more complex. Build the games below to learn how to use the device clock and how to set and use variables.

STEP 1: Synch the WiFi

This is a simple step. App Inventor will use WiFi to work between your computer and your Android device. Begin by making sure your Android device is connected to the SAME WiFi Network as your computer.

  1. On your laptop or desktop computer, click on the bottom right corner dashboard panel (where the clock, battery and WiFi icons can be found) to see what WiFi network you are "Connected to...";
  2. On your Android Device, find the Settings app in the applications menu to make sure the WiFi is "ON";
  3. Click on the WiFi menu item to see which network you are connected to; find the network you computer is on and click on it to connect.

STEP 2: MIT AI2 Companion

Your Andoid device needs a special App to run App Inventor hacks. Even if it's already installed on your device, go to this website and follow instructions (Step 1 only) to download the "MIT AI2 Companion App" from the Google Play Store.

STEP 3: Launch MIT App Inventor Web Platform

Let's launch the Web Platform first.

Make sure you log into the MIT App Inventor web tool before you begin. You can use your personal account or the STEM Scholar shared Google login.
    Log In to the MIT App Inventor Web Tool

PRO TIP: When the web tool first launches, you may be dropped into someone else's project

Make sure that you click on the "Projects" dropdown menu and select "My Projects", then click on "Start new project" above the projects list.
Screenshot 2016-01-30 06.05.26

Screenshot 2016-01-30 06.06.01

STEP 4: Space Invaders Game

Let's start with the space invaders game. It will introduce you to the device clock, which will be a helpful tool later!

    Begin the Space Invaders Tutorial

To Complete This Challenge Step:

  • Build the standard Space Invaders game;
  • Add more bullets so you can shoot more than one at a time;
  • Modify the motion of the saucer so that it starts slow and moves more quickly after each time you hit it;

STEP 5: Mole Mash Game

    Begin the Mole Mash App Tutorial

To Complete This Challenge Step:

  • Build the standard Mole Mash game;
  • Change the face of the mole to be yours or a friends (make sure to ask their permission first);
  • Change the score so you gain a point when you hit a mole and you loose a point when you miss!